Archives 2017


Date Title Speaker Video Audio
Nov. 19 The Act That Restores [Thksgvg]    Pastor Paul Kim
Jun. 18 Training Fathers [Father's Day] Pastor Martin
May 14 A Mother's Heart [Mother's Day] Pastor Martin
Apr. 16 Real Recognition [Res. Sunday] Pastor Martin
Apr. 14 By His Wounds [Good Friday] Pastor Martin N/A
Apr. 2 "You Have It In You" Pastor Jason Chang


TITLE: Jesse Tree
INTRO:  As J.B. Phillips once mused, one of the greatest threats to Christmas is robbing it of meaning.  Distracted by all the holiday frenzy and merch, the very reason for the season slips from our focus and our hearts.  This Advent, we will be soaking in the grand redemption story of Christmas, from creation to Christ's birth by following the old tradition of the Jesse Tree.    


Date Title Speaker Video
Dec. 17 Choosing the Small Pastor Martin N/A
Dec. 10 He Who Foresees Pastor Martin
Dec. 3 Divine Restart Pastor Martin

TITLE: Follow
INTRO:  When traveling new territory, it's easy to lose our way.  What difference it makes when we have someone to follow.  How much more so for our lives in Christ?  For our Fall GRACE group season, we will be walking through an eight session trek through Andy Stanley's Follow.  We'll explore what Jesus means when he bids us, "Come, follow me".   


Date Title Speaker Video Audio
Nov. 26           Unfollow                                         Pastor Martin                      
Nov. 12 Leading Great Pastor Martin
Nov. 5 What I Want to Want Pastor Richard
Oct. 29 The Fine Print Pastor Martin
Oct. 22 Follow Wear Pastor Martin
Oct. 15 Fearless Pastor Martin
Oct. 8 Next Steps Pastor Richard N/A
Oct. 1 Jesus Says Pastor Martin
Sep. 24 Tell Me to Come to You Pastor Sam Choi
Sep. 17 Christ Followers Pastor Martin


TITLE: Summer in the Psalms
INTRO: Relating to God is less about instinct, and more about learning.  One of the more accessible textbooks where we can go for this is the book of Psalms!  The Psalms walk us through every season of the soul; giving voice to our expressions of exuberant praise, confusion, and even anger; guiding us to walk intimately with God.   Join us as we spend a Summer in the Psalms!    


Date Title Speaker Video Audio
Sep. 10          Upholding His Cause                          Pastor Martin                    
Sep. 3 Thirsting for God Pastor Martin
Aug. 27 Favoring the Nations Pastor Martin
Aug. 20 Reacting to Evil Pastor Martin      
Aug. 13 Undistracted Seeking Pastor Ezra Sohn N/A
Jul. 30 Oriented to Worth Pastor Martin
Jul. 16 Called to Worship Pastor Martin
Jul. 9 Led by the Shepherd Pastor Martin
Jul. 2 Known by God Pastor Martin
Jun. 25 Poised in Confidence Pastor Martin
Jun. 11 Voicing Our Praise Pastor Martin
Jun. 4 Anchored through Lament Pastor Martin
May 28 Orienting to God  Pastor Martin

TITLE: Enemies of the Heart [GRACE Group season]
INTRO:  As with physical disease, the symptoms of relational illness stem from root causes.  These root causes can be located at the level of what the Bible calls the heart.   During this GRACE group season, we'll be tracking along with Andy Stanley's book 
Enemies of the Heart in addressing four root heart viruses: guilt, anger, greed, and jealousy.  We'll track how they infiltrate our lives and harm our relationships.  And how God would have us deal with them, practically and relationally; toward deep restoration.

Date Title Speaker Video Audio
May 21          Shepherding the Heart                                  Pastor Martin                           
May 7 Dealing with Jealousy Pastor Martin
Apr. 30 Dealing with Greed Pastor Martin
Apr. 23 Dealing with Anger Pastor Martin
Apr. 9 Dealing with Guilt Pastor Martin
Mar. 26 Heart Monitoring Pastor Martin
Mar.19 Heart Matters Pastor Martin

TITLE: Missional Church
INTRO:  There is a difference between a consumer church and a missional church. The consumer church looks to provide religious goods and services, while the missional church looks to gather in order to grow and live out our missional call in the world. This month, we are going to explore different aspects of how we can live out this missional oriented lifestyle in community, even as we send out and receive back our India Mission team.

Date Title Speaker Video Audio
Mar.12 Missional Relations Pastor Martin
Mar. 5 Missional Battle Pastor Martin
Feb. 26 India Team Testimonies India Team 2017 N/A N/A
Feb. 19 The One Thing Pastor Sam Choi
Feb. 12 Local Missional Engagement Pastor Paul Kim
Feb. 5 Missional Prayer Pastor Martin N/A  N/A

TITLE: Growing Prayer
INTRO:  Prayer is a near universal, and yet still mysterious activity.  All cultures have some form of prayer; with 9 out of every 10 American claiming to pray.  But even for those who should be experts, prayer is not something that is deeply understood.  As we look to grow in our relationship with God; how might we deepen our understanding and practice of prayer

Date Title Speaker Video Audio
Jan. 29 Fueling Prayer Pastor Martin
Jan. 22 Forming Prayer Pastor Martin
Jan.15 Conversing with God Pastor Martin
Jan. 8 Vector of Prayer Pastor Martin
Jan. 1 Seeking Perceiving Pastor Martin N/A